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Custom Splicing

Custom Splicing

Professional, custom splicing options.

We can add a splice to just about every rope we sell here at Knot & Rope Supply. We also offer a climbing rope clamp and the option to have heat shrink or end whipping added to your rope.

Typical applications include:

  • Connection alternative for climbing ropes
  • Stronger & safer alternative to tying knots
  • Custom dock lines
  • Arborist climbing and safety lines
  • Decorative
  • Alternative way to finish ends of rope
  • Custom swing ropes


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If you are buying 3 strand manila, nylon, cotton or polypropylene rope, this is the splice you need to purchase.
$7.00 - $25.00
We're pleased to offer this attractive method of attaching a 1 1/2" exercise climbing rope to an overhead attachment point. PLEASE NOTE: You must purchase rope and this clamp as separate items on the same order, we will not ship the clamp alone without rope attached.
If the rope you have is a double braid nylon, this is the splice you would use. Price is for one spliced end only.
$17.00 - $22.00
If the rope you have is from the Bull Rope category, this is the splice to purchase
This is the perfect option for a connecting point for your 8 strand rope.
This is a splice for 24 strand arborist climbing ropes. This would include Tachyon, Velocity, Poison Ivy, Blaze and Neolite & Securelite
If you are using 16 strand arborist ropes, this is the splice you would need to use. We can put an small eye or regular 5 inch eye.
We can splice Tenex into whatever you want. Here is your chance for a custom bridge extension or sling.
If your rope is Fire Fly, or Dragonfly, this is the splice you need
Rubber heat shrink will add grip to the ends of your rope as well as prevent fraying of the ends. Priced PER END.
$10.00 - $16.00
If you have 3 strand rope, and want the end wrapped up real nice so it won't unravel, this is the one to order. Use this for Manila, Cotton, Nylon, or Polypropylene.
$3.00 - $7.00
Ordering a solid braid or double braid rope and want the end wrapped up real nice so it won't unravel? This is the end whipping to order.
This clamp is designed to attach to a steel "I" beam. It can safetly support a hanging climbing rope and climber.
A custom decorative knot to finish off your rope.
Ropes that are core dependent take a special type of splice called a Class II Splice. Our on site splicing department is throughly trained on how to do these unique splices on this type of rope.
This knot will cover the bottom of the splice including the ends of rope that stick out after we've made your splice.