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We stock ropes from the best, like Yale, Samson, All Gear and more.

Whether you need climbing rope, rigging rope, throw line or prusik cord you can count on us to get you the rope you need at a price you will love. No matter if you are a top pro or someone new to tree climbing, we have something for you.

We also provide on-site splicing for all the ropes we carry. Need a special split tail, or an end-to-end prusik in Kevlar for a secured footlock event? No problem, give us a call and we can get you squared away.

Poison Ivy Sold out

Poison Ivy

Starting at: $0.97

KM-III Orange

KM-III Orange

Starting at: $0.90

KM-III is a static rope (almost zero stretch) with a continuous filament polyester cover braided over a unidirectional nylon core. SRT climbing Re...

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Deep Woods

Deep Woods

Starting at: $0.91

This is a 7/16 rope with the unique feature of a second core which helps it stay round under load. This is the perfect line for any hunter looking ...

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Pro 16 Sold out

Pro 16


This 16 strand rope is exactly the same as Neolite and Secure lite, except it doesn't scream 'look at me!' If you go about your work confidently an...

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