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May 6, 2014

Buy 2 Spools, Get the 3rd FREE!

As far as accessory cord goes, you can't beat Knot & Rope's UltraCord. We have taken the great benefits of paracord and created a special production run using those same fibers to make a rounder product with bright, vibrant colors.

For a limited time only, we will be running a special on spools of UltraCord:

  • Buy 2 spools and receive the 3rd spool FREE!
    To take advantage of this promotion, simply place a total of 3 spools of any color combination in your cart and we will automatically process the discount for you.

This cord is great for:

  • General tie down use
  • Camping - makes great tent guy line, bear bag, clothes line, etc.
  • Boating
  • Draw string
  • Crafts

Available Colors:

Orange w/yellow tracer & Yellow w/orange tracer. Order Now!

April 10, 2014

Category Specific Rope Assortments...

Now available for a limited time ONLY, category specific rope assortments. This simply means that we have a handfull of packages with certain types of ropes. These are different from our regular rope assortment package where you receive a hodgepodge of different types of ropes all in one box.

Why are we doing this? ...........Why "Knot"!

PLUS ---> Ground Shipping is only $5 per box!

We have put together 3 popular packages:

  • Assorted Arborist Ropes - contains a variety of different types of arborist ropes, perfect to practice splicing and/or to make short climbing lines.
  • Assorted Manila Ropes - contains a variety of diameters to ensure a great value.
  • Assorted Cotton Ropes - contains a variety of diameters and possibly two different types (3-strand and solid braid).

Keep in mind; what is shipped is what you get. Due to the prices of these packages, we are unable to accept returns and/or exchanges. Think of it as a lottery in which everyone wins. Well, at least those who act now and place their order before we run out.

Available Packages:

Assorted Arborist Rope
Arborist Pack
Avg. Weight: 12.3 lbs.

ONLY: $35.00

Order Now

Assorted Cotton Rope
Cotton Pack
Avg. Weight: 9 lbs.

ONLY: $20.00

Order Now

Assorted Manila Rope
Manila Pack
Avg. Weight: 15.8 lbs.

ONLY: $15.00

Order Now

February 27, 2014

Kick the winter blues...

We are all tired of this snow! If you are like us, you can't wait for the weather to take a turn so you can get out and complete some projects. It's time to start planning what you want to do around that deck or flowerbed to give it more appeal. Installing a rope fence is an easy way to add a nautical theme to any landscape.

Watch our video to see a simple approach to installing a rope fence around timbers. It's never too early to start planning, plus it will get you in the mood for spring.

January 30, 2014

Arbor rope kits now available...

We have assembled three different arbor kits to help you save time and money. We take the thinking out of purchasing the essentials of tree climbing by providing packages geared toward different levels of climbers. Each item was carefully selected by our in-house tree climbing expert, John Hartenburg, to ensure that you will receive quality products and save money at the same time. Who can argue with that?

Here's what you get...

Professional Kit for $440 (Save 14%):

Pro arbor rope kit.
  • 150' Hank of 24-Strand Tachyon rope with a tight eye on one end
  • 5' Friction saver with aluminum rings spliced to a 16-strand rope
  • 32" Eye-and-Eye HRC prusik
  • 2 Aluminum carabiners (one HRC style and one D-style)
  • 1 Hitch Climber Pulley
  • 1 Climbing Technology Helmet
  • 1 Medium rope bag by New Tribe
Pro arbor rope kit.
Amateur arbor rope kit.

Amateur Kit for $280 (Save 11%):

  • 150' Hank of 16-Strand ArborMaster Blue Streak rope with a tight eye on one end
  • 1 Split Tail
  • 1 Micro pulley with snap and tender line
  • 2 Aluminum carabiners (one HRC style and one D-style)
  • 1 Medium rope bag by New Tribe
Amateur arbor rope kit.
Starter arbor rope kit.

Starter Kit for $179 (Save 10%):

  • 150' Hank of 12-Strand Forestry Pro Glo
  • 1 Split Tail
  • 1 Steel Double Locking Snap
  • 1 Medium rope bag by New Tribe
Pro arbor rope kit.

June 25, 2013

Creating the perfect rope rail...

You've probably seen them on Pinterest or in your favorite home and garden magazine. Rope handrails are becoming more and more popular. With the increasing demand in finding the best solution to create the perfect railing for your stairs, Knot & Rope Supply has just what you need! Our rope brackets and end caps are the perfect solution to create a great rope handrail. See for yourself!

We are currently taking orders for the next shipment set to arrive within the next week or two. You will want to reserve your brackets TODAY, as they will go fast!

View Our Video Library!

May 8, 2013

Employee of the Month...

Here at Knot & Rope Supply, we employ only the best people. In an effort to introduce you to our staff we're featuring an Employee of the Month! May's featured employee is:

Ryan Underwood
Ryan Underwood

Shipping Specialist


Ryan joined our team late 2012 and has since been roped into a few different roles in our warehouse. He has proven to be a star at shipping, stocking, maintenance and 3-strand splicing. Oh, we can't forget the 3-strand whipping either. There's no telling what's next for Ryan as there is always something new for him to learn and excel at.

When Ryan isn't busting out some hard core manila splices, you can find him tearing up the streets on his motorcycle. He has a passion for anything with an engine and at least two wheels. Ryan also loves to hunt and play/watch all kinds of sports.

There's nothing like entering the shop and wondering what kind of music will be playing on the radio. Ryan's choice of music is "good ol' country", rock and Celtic music.


Favorite Quote:
"Just own it!" - Unknown

April 12, 2013

Employee of the Month...

Here at Knot & Rope Supply, we employ only the best people. In an effort to introduce you to our staff we're featuring an Employee of the Month! April's featured employee is:

Tom Debo
Tom Deb

Warehouse Extraordinaire


Tom processes and packs orders with the utmost care. He's also one of our master splicers and can end-whip rope with the best of them. And let's not forget how well he can handle a broom around the shop.

Tom loves to go hunting and fishing whenever he can. When he's not in the woods or baiting a hook, you can catch him watching the Detroit Tigers or The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

If it were up to Tom, there would be some rock, metal or classical music playing all day long in the shop.

Favorite Quote:
"Is that a fried turkey leg inside a grilled hamburger? If so, then yes!" - Ron Swanson

March 14, 2013

Learning the Ropes...

Here at Knot & Rope Supply, it is our goal to give our customers the tools and advice to complete any project that requires the use of rope(s). We have been making videos to help educate you, our customer, on different types of ropes we offer. In these short videos, we go through the sizes, uses, construction and benefits of each. Below are two of the newest installments in our video library. Feel free to let us know what kind of instructional /educational video you would like to see by emailing Jeff at

February 13, 2013

Nobody seems to be able to pinpoint the exact time when rope was first invented. Cavemen probably pulled things around with vines or rawhide (not much interested in tying the intricate Turks Head) and later-man probably did a little braiding... but did you know that the first people to produce rope making tools were the Egyptians?!? Yep, it seems that we can date back to around 4000 B.C. when these folks first started rope production. The tools they used produced ropes of flax, papyrus, palm fibers, leather and even camel hair. Something had to have been made good to haul all of those pyramid stones! Over the next few thousand years rope made its way around the populated areas of Europe, Asia and China.

Now, let's travel to India sometime around 400 A.D. Seems these people had become rope connoisseurs (hey, it's really not that far from Egypt). They made some real fine stuff for rajah and rani outfits, curtains, rugs and other decorative exports. Some of the rope they produced was so strong, and of high quality, that it was used in the forestry and hauling trades that used elephants as the power source. Now that had to be strong stuff!

Later on, during Leonardo da Vinci's time in the middle 1400s, plans for this lad's rope making machines had produced several different working models, so rope production became a bonafide trade. (Italian tarred marline, ring a bell?)

Natural fibers were the only products available until the 1950s when nylon made the scene. Not only did this product knock the socks off the silk stocking trade, it was a boon to the rope industry as well.

Today, we have a multitude of fine materials from which to produce rope and it has become quite the specialized trade. Twisted, braided or custom made, work-trades, businesses and government agencies all have their special needs.

Sure makes me glad when we get together to play with these fine, fancy fibers we do today. Hey Bob, pass me a length of that musty smellin', camel leather thong you got there, I'd like to work me up a key fob!